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Welcome to Gems of Comfort!

Gems of comfort cards provides inspiration and comfort in the form of a unique keepsake card that can be shared with anyone. Inspired with the holy writings of the bahai, islam, christian and hindu faith you can create a special tribute to your loved one that will be remembered and treasured by friends and family and you forever.

Let us help you...
We want to share in your grief or sorrows!

We know that the passing of a loved one is a challenging time for anyone to bear and our heart goes out to you. No wonder we created Gems of Comfort Cards. We want to share in your grief and I am sure there are others too (friends, families, coworkers etc) who would like to do the same. It is our hope to bring comfort through the word of God and inspire others along the way in some passive form. And maybe if not now but in the near future you may come to appreciate the concept behind the card.

So come on your long term farewell!
With Gems of Comfort Cards you have the freedom to choose from several text or add your own. An acknowledgement at the back thanks family and friends for their support, whilst a picture (of your beloved) on the front makes this keepsake a memorable card that will be forever etched on your heart and lives of both you, your close friends and family. Others are waiting to show their support and share in your grief - what are you waiting for? Click here to get gems of comfort now

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